Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but bubbles, and give our past a future.

Chapter Overview

Chapter Overview
The Goal of the Superior Chapter Committee of Save Ontario Shipwrecks is to promote the preservation of our local wrecks through responsible diving so that all may enjoy them.
Chapter Chair's Message

The Newly Formed Superior Chapter of SOS was formed when the Superior Underwater Exploration Society (SUES) recognized that our goals and Vision aligned with that Save Ontario Shipwrecks and decided to officially seek Chapter Status. We are a group of volunteers who are working towards promoting scuba diving, preserving shipwrecks and exploring the underwater environment in the North of Superior Region.

S.U.E.S is a member of the Ontario Underwater Council (and Now Save Ontario Shipwrecks)and works with divers in the North of Superior Region to promote safe scuba diving and exploring the underwater world.

The club’s mandate is to promote scuba diving in the North of Superior Region through:

Safe Diving practices
Tourism Development
Preservation and enjoyment of shipwrecks and the underwater environment

Chapter Executive & Special Functions
Member Name
richardharvey Committee Chair
richardharvey Committee Project Director
Cberner Committee Buoys
Michelle_Wills Committee Secretary
Michelle_Wills Committee Treasurer
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